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Curricular Activities:
During the whole session, students have participated in all practical, theoretical activities such as - teaching practice, micro & macro teaching, rural educational awareness camps, Practicum- Science experiments, Administration of Psychological tests, Practical Training of Educational use, handling and maintinanc of main E.T.(A/V) Equipments, Educational Exhibition, Environmental Practicals.
Co-curricular Activities:

All the students of B.Ed. & M.Ed. have participated in several cultural (single and group dance, song, role-play, various dress presentation, deshbhakti songs, bhajan etc.), Literary (debate, essay, self prepared poems, group discussion etc.), Games & Sports competitions  (badminton, TT, volleyball, Chess, kabbaddi, athletics, race, long jump, disk throw, trialleg race, musical chair race etc.) activities, shramdan, gardening etc.

Research Activities:

76 Research Projects have been completed by Staff members under the financial support of Ministry of HRD. Research Guides – 14 Research guides Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Prof. Manisha Verma, Prof. Ratan Lal Bhojak, Dr. Sarita Sharma, Dr. Lokesh Sharma, Dr. Anand Srivastav, Dr. Ajay Krishan Tiwari, Dr. Raj Kumar Mali, Dr. Kanchan Sharma, Dr. Sahab Ram, Dr. Rama Sharma, Dr. Ranjeeta Baid, Dr. Pramod Pandia, Dr. Narendra Bhatt.

Rural Activities:
B.Ed. & M.Ed. students have participate in different rural activities such as Rural Educational awareness Camps, Plantation, Community work, Social gathering, Educational surveys, health awareness, combined cultural programmes with villagers and pollution awareness etc,